EDUCATION: Like Mandela, Like Uba Sani

By Nasir Dambatta

The African legend and one-time President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, said it. In Kaduna State, Governor Uba Sani is building a legendary legacy by actualising it.

Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It can contribute to nation-building and reconciliation.”

Governor Sani: “Educational infrastructure and learning aids are the most-essential tools for the weaponization of education to achieve the desired change in the world.”

This explains the exceptionally passionate stance and commitment of Governor Uba Sani to the growth and development of education, and his readiness to spend whatever amount of funds required to develop the infrastructure that could facilitate its acquisition by the citizens of the state.

The required educational infrastructure is not all about erecting just any structure to bear the name of school. It is much more about modernizing the infrastructure to accord with the current times, the environment and the population of the pupils requiring education, and who, the government, therefore, feels obliged to educate.

A typical exciting example of this is Basic Education School, Malali in Kaduna North Local Government Area, initiated by Governor Uba Sani’s administration.

The two-storey building, consisting of 12 classrooms, has been successfully completed.
The project has undergone all necessary construction processes and is now ready for use.

The building was designed to provide a conducive learning environment for students, offering ample space and modern facilities.

The completion of this project is obviously a testament to the commitment of the government towards improving the educational infrastructure in Kaduna State.

With the construction completed, the Basic Education School Malali can now accommodate more students and provide them with quality education. The new classrooms will help alleviate overcrowding and ensure that every student has access to a comfortable and conducive learning space.

Obviously, the administration of Governor Uba Sani remains dedicated to the development of education in Kaduna State. This project is just one of many initiatives so aimed.

With an unprecedented gusto, the administration of Governor Sani, in its first phase of upscaling educational infrastructure according to current needs, has, in less than a year, built 2,336 new classrooms; renovated 707 classrooms; equipped numerous schools with 3,704 teachers furniture and 30,742 pupils furniture; dug 51 hand pump boreholes; and provided 918 cubicle toilets for easy convenience.

Among ongoing projects are the provision of 247,136 school bags; 290,802 school uniforms; 247,136 shoes; 3,358 tablets; and 447,689 exercise books.

Nelson Mandela postulated it. Governor Uba Sani is actualizing it.

Dambatta is Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Print Media.

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